Increase Your Rank and Drive Leads with Real Estate SEO

Real estate SEO (search engine optimization) and search marketing are investments in the future of your business. A typical search marketing campaign can take 3 to 6 months to start bearing fruit on a newer website and winning the top spot for a particular keyword is never guaranteed. But that’s exactly why you should get started with it today.

Once your site is established and you begin to be recognized for offering useful, on-topic content that other sites link to, search engines will start sending highly targeted visitors to your site. And in our experience, they just won’t stop.

Establish your site now and enjoy a steady stream of highly targeted visitors with real intent for years to come.

Organic search traffic is one of the most qualified lead sources available to your business, but getting it ramped up can be labor intensive and if you fall into black-hat, or even grey-hat shortcuts, you can find yourself back at square one or even worse.

Realty Motor’s Real Estate SEO Services infographic shows search engine icon, SEO growth chart and map listing icon.

How Our Real Estate SEO Services Work

The first step in real estate SEO is to make sure that the content on your site and the technical configuration are optimized for search and for user experience including a mobile optimized site that looks and works great on any device.

The next step for your real estate SEO campaign is to get your business listed across all the major listing and directory sites. These are called “citations” and they form the basic footprint of your business and services on the web.

After you’ve set your technical and off-site foundation for search marketing success, its time to produce. Gone are the days of pumping out endless “thin” blog posts in a quest to stay relevant. The game has changed and Google, Bing and your customers are smarter and more discerning than ever.

Real estate SEO today is about providing the best content possible on a particular topic for a particular area and then working to become recognized on the web for that content.

You can do your real estate SEO on your own, but isn’t your time best spent working with clients and closing deals?

Real Estate SEO Service Options

Foundation SEO

If you haven’t already established your site and your business listings across the web this is step one and something that we’ll tackle with our one-time Foundation SEO service for real estate.

  • Make sure your business is accurately listed across up to 50 online business directories.
  • Optimize and make consistent your primary listings including Google, Yelp, Bing and Facebook Places.
  • Ensure your site and business are accurately identified across mapping services including Google, Apple Maps and more.
  • Implement on-site local schema markup and optimization.
  • Perform executive reporting.

Local Real Estate SEO

First we’ll research and develop a basket of keywords for which you need to rank.

Next we’ll make sure your analytics systems are implemented (correctly) so that you’ll be able to see what you’re ranking for, where you need work and which visitors are converting.

We’ll make sure your Google Search Console, Google Analytics and your Bing Webmaster Tools accounts are setup and relevant code is implemented on your site in addition to submitting your sitemap for indexing.

We’ll optimize your existing content or create new content for you that is optimized for your specific keywords and location. We’ll promote your content with guest posts and other white-hat referral sources and continue to build on that until you’re satisfied your site is ranking where it should be.

You’ll choose a service package based on the geography you’re targeting and the competitiveness in that area.

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Real Estate SEO Service FAQs

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and its an ongoing process that refers to optimizing your website, your content and your presence around the web to make sure that when customers are searching the web for your services – they find you.

Does SEO for real estate really work?

Yes! But search marketing is the long game. Search marketing and search engine optimization are strategies for building a sustainable business and flow of leads – they’re not a “one and done” or an overnight option. Avoid “tricks” and questionable tactics and instead focus on producing and promoting an exceptional website with valuable information. That’s our approach to SEO.

Are real estate SEO service results guaranteed?

If an SEO agency is guaranteeing you a certain position for a certain keyword RUN. You can’t guarantee which way the wind blows and search marketing and SEO are continuously evolving. If a vendor offers you guaranteed results you can rest assured that the tactics they’re employing are nefarious at best. One thing we know for sure about nefarious tactics is that even if they work in the short-term Google and Microsoft have over the years consistently snuffed out those gaming the system. Taking a spammy approach to SEO services has the potential to leave you with nothing but a de-listed site to show for it in the end.

How long does the SEO service take to work for real estate?

It depends. If you have a well-established site that simply needs optimization and promotion then turnaround can be quite quick. If you’re starting from scratch then you should expect 3-6 months to start seeing real results. If you’re in an exceptionally competitive area it could take longer. Don’t fret! Search marketing, Content Power-Ups and SEO build over time and some portion of your marketing budget ought to drive it for as long as you’re in business.

How will I know if the SEO service is working?

For one thing you’ll get monthly reports so that you know exactly what is being done on your behalf. Second, part of the initial setup is implementing analytics so that you know what words you’re ranking for and on which pages. Transparency and accountability are requirements for successful SEO services in our view.

What do the real estate SEO services cost?

Our services are affordable for real estate businesses of most sizes and we’re happy to provide you with a detailed quote after we understand your goals and have looked at the specific market you’re serving. Foundation SEO is a one-time fee while Local Real Estate SEO Services have a minimum of 3 months and a recommended 6-month minimum duration. We’ll provide a free no-obligation quote.

How do I get started?