Accelerate Growth With Real Estate Paid Ads Management (PPC)

Do you wish you could sneak your way to the very top of Google search results and not have to wait for the time it takes to create a high-ranking site? With real estate paid ads Management (PPC) you can get in front of people who are searching for homes right now, and you could even show up above the top-ranked organic results.

People who are actively searching are better leads. PPC (pay per click) marketing allows you to show your ads directly on search results pages for keywords that are relevant to drawing in leads for your real estate business. 

Realty Motor’s Real Estate Paid Ads Management (PPC) Services infographic shows growth charts, a lead magnet icon and a financial growth icon.

Why Choose PPC Marketing and Google Ads for Real Estate

Without a long-term investment in real estate SEO and companies like Zillow and Trulia dominating search engine rankings, it is incredibly difficult to compete for search terms like “homes for sale” or “real estate”. Real estate pay per click ads allow you to fast track your rankings in order to build trust and get in front of your target audience from the beginning of the home buying process, which is usually a long one.

Because PPC search marketing can be geo-targeted, you can drive more location specific traffic. To appear in search ads, you bid to show up for keyword phrases, for example, you could choose to advertise to all users searching “New York Homes For Sale.” Each time someone clicks on your ad, you’ll pay a small fee usually between $1-2.

PPC Ads are controllable & maximize ROI. Like real estate Facebook ads, they are one of the most trackable forms of digital marketing and with the data provided, our real estate paid ads management team can quickly identify what’s working and what’s not and adjust your campaign to get you the maximum ROI.

Get Started

Our Real Estate Paid Ads Management (PPC) Services Advantage

PPC can be learned, but it’s a steep learning curve you likely don’t have time for.  Take your campaigns to the next level and let our experts handle:

  1. Google Adwords for Real Estate Keyword Planning. The words your clients are searching for on search engines and the foundation of your campaign. We use several tools to find the best keywords to use for your target audience and against your competitors. 
  2. Proven Strategy. We have the experience and proven results needed to create a strategy for success. Our team also stays on top of new trends and technology to get you one foot in front of the competition. Trying to create a PPC campaign from square one on your own is complicated and can cost you a lot of time and money. Use our expertise to give you a strong start.
  3. Ad Writing. Know what your target audience wants. Enhance the quality score on your Google AdWords for your real estate ads by creating high-quality copy that engages users.
  4. Landing Pages. Your landing page is the first impression of your business after users click on your ad. If it is not user-friendly or does not give users what they are looking for your quality score will drop.
  5. Bid Management. We strategically raise and lower your keyword bids to make sure we are making the most of your budget. 
  6. Results Tracking. We monitor your ads daily to see what is working and not working to generate leads and other desired results. 
  7. Continuous Optimizations. Interpreting results, we never stop making optimizations to get you the most out of of your PPC ads.

If you are ready to flip the switch and start getting high-quality leads quickly, then real estate PPC is for you. Don’t waste your budget, leave it to us the real estate paid ads management (PPC) experts.