Become the Top Expert With Custom Real Estate Content

The cornerstone for building trust and educating prospects is custom real estate content that conveys your message and tells your visitors who you are, how you work and why you’re in business.

Our turnkey content library is enough for some, but if you really want to distinguish yourself, then our custom real estate content service will take your website to the next level by telling your story in your voice.

Overcome writer’s block and putting off this daunting task, let our expert real estate writers bring your story to life for you.

Realty Motor’s Custom Real Estate Content Services infographic shows social engagement icons and digital content articles and images icons.

How Our Custom Real Estate Core Content Service Works

First, over the course of a short penetrating interview, our writers will extract from you the “gold nuggets” that are hiding inside your head. We’ll learn from you – in your own words, and in your own voice – exactly what makes you different and why your prospects should choose to work with you. We’ll record this interview and that transcript becomes the raw materials for your custom real estate content.

Next, our writers will take your words and spin up the first draft of your real estate website’s Core Content. Your Core Content includes the five core pages of your real estate website plus a custom educational “autoresponder” follow up email sequence that nurtures your new leads to introduce them to who you are, how you work and why they should take the next step with you.

Finally, once you’ve reviewed the draft content, you’ll sign off and our real estate webmasters will get to work taking your new custom content and publishing it, beautifully, to your website. We’ll publish your content to the web, configure your lead capture forms and orchestrate the educational follow up sequence to help turn your prospects into clients.

Who’s The Real Estate Core Content Service For?

If you’re just getting started in business our content library is probably sufficient for you. If, however, you’d consider your business to be growing or established then our custom real estate content service is for you.

  • Are there good reasons for prospects to choose you over your competitors?
  • Is there something unique about how you work?
  • Are you raising money?
  • Do you sell investment property?
  • Do you have expert knowledge about your service areas?
  • Can you shed light on some of the murkier corners of the real estate business?
  • Are you in a highly specialized niche in real estate?
  • Do you have interesting or proprietary systems or ideas in your business?
  • Are you an expert in your market?

If your business is growing or established and you’re ready to tell the story of your business, your areas of expertise, or your secret sauce then the Custom Real Estate Content Service is for you.

Learn more about Core Content.

Real Estate Content Power-Ups

Accelerate your search marketing success with a Content Power-Up.

If you really want to take your real estate SEO strategy to the next level and  “own” search terms for your business its time to power up. If you want to rank for high-value real estate keywords in competitive areas today you need cornerstone content plus support.

Whoa, what?

Let me explain.

When you want your real estate content to rank in search engines you need it to be the best at answering the questions that people are searching for. These days, the best way to achieve that is to create “cornerstone” or “pillar” content.

Cornerstone content, or pillar content pieces, are in-depth articles that cover a given keyword topic thoroughly (without being “keyword stuffy” or verbose…). You start by creating a stellar article that covers your broadest of terms – let’s say, for example, “Phoenix real estate”. In this article you’ll lightly touch all the topics around “Phoenix real estate”; buying a home in Phoenix, selling a home in Phoenix, Phoenix real estate market conditions… you get the idea.

From this cornerstone content you create and link to additional “supporting” articles; selling a home in Phoenix, buying property in Phoenix, Phoenix real estate prices, Phoenix neighborhoods…

Together this cornerstone content and supporting articles interlink and reference each other so that they form the most comprehensive and useful resource for real estate prospects in Phoenix.

Got it?

Next you want your content to be recognized for the wonderful resource that it is and that’s when content promotion starts.

Does this sound like a lot of work? It is!

But consider the fact that once you “own” these terms in the search engines you can expect to enjoy a continuous stream of qualified prospects with “high intent” visiting your site and from there you can enjoy ongoing, high-quality leads at almost no cost outside of your initial investment.

It’d be like paying cash for a retail property on the busiest shopping street in your town only you reach people in their pockets, in their homes and offices, and anywhere else they may be when they’re considering real estate in your area.

Make sense?

Our Real Estate Content Power-UPs consist of a 6 month effort of 100% unique content developed exclusively for you and your market or niche…and is shockingly affordable.