8 Steps to a Powerful Realtor Email Signature

A realtor email signature is such a small thing—just a few lines at the end of an email. It’s so small that many realtors underestimate it’s role in establishing credibility, highlighting a brand and reminding prospects of their services.  

How to Create Your Best Realtor Email Signature in 8 Steps:

You send out tons of emails every day. Every single one of them represents a tremendous opportunity to market yourself and your agency.  As the last thing your prospects will see, don’t overlook the power of your realtor email signature.

Put as much attention into it as you do with your website pages. Your realtor email signature is your lasting impression, so make sure it’s one they’ll remember.

Here are the 8 Steps to Creating a Memorable Realtor Email Signature:

1. Add A Professional Photo

A professionally shot photo is one of the most important realtor email signature features.

A high-quality photo conveys professionalism, showing a realtor ready to exceed client needs and expectations. 

Your picture allows potential clients to put a face with your name, solidifying you as a real person and instilling confidence.

A simple, professional headshot photo should suffice. Avoid patterned apparel or flashy jewelry; stick with neutral colors like navy blue, gray, or charcoal. White tends to stand out, especially on sites like LinkedIn and Zillow. 

Your professional portrait doesn’t have to be fancy. Just make sure you smile. According to studies, people who look happy in photos seem more trustworthy than people sporting other expressions.

Realtor Email Signature photo comparison, one man is smiling as recommended and the other has a different expression that looks untrustworthy.

2. Make it Easy to Contact You

Make it simple for potential clients to get a hold of you. Communication preferences vary, so it’s good to give clients a few ways to get in touch with you. In your realtor email signature, include your:

  • mobile phone number
  • office phone number
  • website address

There’s no need to put your email address in your signature because your recipient can just hit “Reply.”

Realtors focus a lot of energy on big-picture activities like generating leads, keeping website pages picture-perfect and cultivating brand awareness. However, it’s important to focus on the small stuff too, and clearly labeled “click-to-call” buttons should be a priority.

Using a “click-to-call” option in your realtor email signature provides clients with a user-friendly, convenient way to get a hold of you; no phone-number copying and pasting necessary. 

3. Optimize For Mobile Devices

Nearly 70% of emails get opened on a mobile device.

Give your clients a seamless mobile experience by optimizing your realtor email signature. Images will load faster, your information will be easy to read and accessing contact details will be simple.

Keep text size large enough for phone-screen reading and maximize links and buttons for easy navigation. Attach website and email address hyperlinks to words rather than displaying them on the site.

Create enough space between clickable items so users won’t accidentally click on one thing when they meant to click on another.

Also, consider the range of email clients (e.g., Gmail, Microsoft Outlook) in use. Some of these programs don’t recognize background images. Others don’t load images. Send a few test emails to various email clients to expose upload and format issues before your potential clients see them. 

4. Include Social Media Icons

Doing business on social media is much more effective than on traditional media channels.

Add social media icons to your realtor email signature and quickly connect clients to your feed. Use icons instead of text links; they’re space-savers, and they’ll stand out better than standard text. Keep your realtor email signature style sleek by limiting the icon quantity to four or five of your best lead-generating social media accounts.

Encourage clients to connect with you on social media sites and keep your pages up-to-date. Complete the client engagement loop by posting links to your website often.

The social media links in your realtor email signature should be trackable. This way, you’ll know if your email signature drives traffic to your site.

Realtor Email Signature should include social media icons as shown.

5. Take Advantage of Marketing Opportunities

Don’t throw away your email signature’s marketing potential.

Your emails reach hundreds of current and past clients and other people in your network. A well-designed realtor email signature should convey what you and your agency can do for prospects.

Think of it as a brand ambassador.

When your email is forwarded, your signature travels with it. Keep your agency top-of-mind by including its logo in your realtor email signature.  

For your most compelling marketing content, use an email signature banner. Include: 

  • Upcoming open houses
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients
  • Awards and links to your latest listings
  • A regularly updated call-to-action
  • Five-star Zillow rating? Add it.Realtor Email Signature banner example.

6. Don’t Go Overboard

When it comes to what to put in your realtor email signature, keep it simple. You want to maximize its impact without going overboard.

If you’re having difficulty striking a balance between eye-catching and informative, get first-impression insight from a couple of coworkers.

7. Think About Using Space Dividers

Avoid including too much information in your realtor email signature by using space dividers. For example, make your logo pop by using a space divider to split it from the rest of the information.

Space dividers also separate information blocks for a visually-balanced effect.

8. Add a Dynamic, Personalized Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) encourages readers to move forward. Each prospect’s needs are different, so it’s best to vary your message. 

For example:

  • A past client should be encouraged to make a referral
  • A buyer who is shopping homes should apply for a mortgage
  • A seller should download tips on how to prepare their property for sale

You can do this dynamically and automatically. One of the features our customers enjoy is a dynamically created “Super Signature” that can be automatically added to the bottom of every email. Each contact receives the best call-to-action for their client stage. 

Automated personalization of your “Super Signature” can significantly improve your call-to-action conversion rate by meeting the prospect where they are in their process.

BONUS: How to Track Your Realtor Email Signature Performance (4 Steps)

Wondering how your realtor email signature is really working for you? Track the links and see for yourself.

Witness how an email signature is proven to work in our business:

The signature in my email is the number 3 source of clicks from all of our emails and we send tens-of-thousands of emails every month.

Real Estate Email Signature is a top click generator as shown in our Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Campaign Tracking Results show that my real estate email signature is ranked number 3 for all the thousands of emails we send each month and our super signature is ranked number 6.

Step One

First, make sure Google Analytics (GA) is setup on your site. GA is considered essential by any web dev or online marketing expert and should be setup on your website (contact us if it’s not).

Step Two

Decide what your call to action is going to be and copy the corresponding link from your website.

Step Three

Use this campaign builder to create the tracking for your links. You have some flexibility in what you put in here but it should look similar to this:

If you’re not using RealtyMotor you might want a different campaign source.

Step Four

Test! Send yourself an email, click the link you just generated, then visit Google Analytics and look for the visit (note that it sometimes takes a minute to show up).

That’s it! You’re done.

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