Real Estate Holiday NIGHTMARE

You’re working a deal and it’s a good one, a big one

Its the kind of deal that can really move the needle. It is what you might call “a meaningful amount of money“.

So you’re focused on it.

You’re working it. You trust all the players involved. Its a “deal that makes sense” – for everybody. You’re feeling pretty good… maybe you’ll be able to do Disney World this winter with the kids after all. This is going to be a pretty gosh darn good Christmas after all.

You check your email. What?! Wait. No. That can’t be… how is this…?

And then you get the call… the seller is irate. The attorney broke the news to him already. The buyer won’t perform. Can’t perform.


The Scream

No. This deal is going sideways. No, no no.

You make the call “LARRY! what is going on? why is this happening? this is supposed to be closing this morning – no – wait – what? – no – what? – this was….” Ohhh noo…

Dread washes over you and the hair on your skin raises…It’s not going to happen…

The buyer is done, he’s out. ARRRGHH, NO! you’ve worked so hard NO.

What’s wrong with this guy this is a frikkin good deal. This makes no sense F!

You get that pit in your stomach the one that comes just when you realize that you’re going to be short of cash. The one where you realize that this deal isn’t going back together and you’ve got all your damn eggs in this basket.

You’ve been working this deal so hard you didn’t even look up.

No, no, no. Not now not before the holidays. Christmas. Oh my gawd am i going to lose the house? No, no I can just push some stuff around…I’ll pay the car next month, that’s fine, health insurance.. hm… can it wait?

The hair on the back of your neck is up and you’re worried. You can’t really even see. People around you are talking but you can’t even hear them you’re in a far away place and it isn’t good. It’s like a cannon just went off and your standing there – ears ringing, sweaty, disoriented and you’re considering the hell that is your next 60 to 90 days while you scramble, possessed, just trying to make ends meet.

You feel… desperate.


Why can’t I just get a job. Why am I doing THIS? Buyers suck. Damnit. WHY!? WHY don’t I have any other irons in the fire. I know this happens I’ve been down this road before. I said this would never happen again.

And yet it has.

You were looking at a 5 figure day and now you’ve got squat. Nothing. You’ve got nothing but wasted time and a holiday season that just started looking a little sad, bleak.

That feeling in your stomach creeps a bit. Your throat tightens…

What am I going to tell my spouse?

This was the one that was going to get us through the holidays…


Why does this happen?

Why does this KEEP happening!?

It’s not your fault you did everything you’re supposed to do WTF is going on. It’s like real estate gods hate you.

If you had just had more irons in the fire… if you had just had a couple of other things lined up.

Is this the straw that breaks the camels back? Are you done? Out? Time to go find a J-O-B.


Real estate nightmares like this happen every single day.

And they happen for one reason. They happen because we get so busy doing our deals that we for get to find new ones… Or we don’t have time to find new ones….

If you don’t have an automated system in place that works while you sleep, that constantly fills your pipeline with fresh leads who are then systematically educated and qualified then you my friend are exactly one failed deal away from your own real estate nightmare.

Maybe you’ve had something like this happen to you before. Lord knows I have.

And it is awful.

I can think of no worse feeling in the world then letting your family down financially. Failing them.

Do what you know you need to do, what you’ve been putting off too long and put a proper system in place today. Don’t let your lack of foresight flush your families holiday dreams.

Watch this free video presentation and put the systems in place, today, that you need to make sure this real estate nightmare never happens to you (again).