Websites and Digital Marketing for Note Brokers and Investors


We make done-for-you note broker websites that are super fast to set up, easy to update, and come complete with expertly written note business content and built-in email marketing and automated follow up systems.

Who else wants a high-converting note broker website up and running in 10 minutes or less?

If you don’t have a website are you even in the note business?

That’s what your prospects are thinking when you email them from your Hotmail (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo…) account…

  • Who is this person?
  • Can I trust them?
  • Are they legitimate?
  • Will they fund?
  • Can they close?
  • Are they even in business?

Answering these simple questions with your note broker website is a baseline for doing business today (sorry NoteNinja22, that’s just not gonna cut it).

If your sellers and investors can’t see you online and see that you’re a legitimate business person your business is dead in the water.

#1 You Need a Note Broker Website for Credibility

If you’re asking people to invest with you or share financial information, like their notes, then you absolutely must have a professional presence online.

If you don’t have a modern note broker website that clearly communicates who you are, what you do and what the benefit is to working with you then you may as well fold up shop (frankly nobody knows you’re in business anyway). Seriously.

When you email a new prospect what’s the first thing they do?

  1. Check your website
  2. Google your name

If they’re not finding you, or worse, they’re finding stuff that you’d rather they didn’t… then you’re toast.

The note business is a rare one in real estate in that you can literally do it from anywhere as long as you have a phone and a computer… AND a website. You don’t need a storefront, you don’t need to rent an office, you absolutely do need a website.

Is there one single successful note investor that you can point to who doesn’t have a website for their note business? No. Note brokers and buyers need websites.

So that’s number one…

#2 You Need a Note Broker Website to Get Your Business Found

In the note business 90% of your job is finding sellers, buyers, and investors in notes. That happens in exactly one place these days.

The Internet.

You can slap together a homepage with any free website builder but simply having a website doesn’t mean you’re going to be found.

In fact most of the website options in this industry are painfully dated and your prospects, and Google, know it.

Even if you’re doing direct mail, cold calling, networking, or “all of the above” they’re gonna look you up online.

You need to make sure prospects find you and when they do you need to make sure they’re impressed and they take action. That’s what a RealtyMotor Note Business Website can do for you.

#3 You Need a Note Broker Website to Convert Sellers and Investors

Once you stake your claim to legitimacy and people start finding you the next thing that should be on your mind is converting more visitors to leads and leads to sellers and clients.

Think of your website as a 24/7 salesperson.

Its out there working for you whether you’re working or not.

Your note broker website can:

  • Pre-qualify seller leads and collect details for you
  • Educate potential investors
  • Register investors and buyers
  • Receive tapes and notes

Wondering if you really need a website for your note business?

1. Are you buying or brokering pools of notes from institutional sellers like banks?

Show them exactly how you do it and why they should work with you. Your website can help segment and educate your sellers on how you work and why they should choose you.

2. Are you buying private seller-financed notes?

Your website should give them an easy way to get a low-commitment quote from you so that you get highly qualified leads.

3. Are you raising money for JV note deals?

Teach your investor prospects what they need to know in order to work with you before you ever even speak with them.

4. Are you raising money for a fund to buy pools?

Get accredited investors to raise their hand and register with you, including getting their digital signature, right there on your website… while you’re out golfing, spending time with the family, or whatever it is you do when you’re not making hay.

5. Are you selling individual notes?

Then you should have a database of hungry buyers that you can email your opportunities to as they come up. Don’t wait until you find a deal and then scramble to get it sold. You’ve got to constantly be building your buyer database.

If You answered “Yes” to any of the above then you need a Note Business Website.

When you buy a Note Broker Website from RealtyMotor it will help you attract, educate, convince, and convert your leads… All while you go about your day.

Here’s what you’ll get and why you should choose RealtyMotor for your note broker website

responsive note business website screenshots
All of our professional looking note business website designs are mobile optimized.

1. A professional looking, mobile optimized, high converting note business website built and hosted on high-speed secure servers

Most note buyer websites sit on top of WordPress, that’s fine if you love having to maintain and update your security, plugins, and codebase and you don’t mind getting pummeled by Russian bots trying to access your admin panel… and if you’ve got a webmaster to help you out… but our turnkey note buyer and broker websites avoid all the vulnerability and complexity of a WordPress website and instead we server your site from our own secure proprietary, drag-and-drop website and content management system.

We’ll design and build your customized theme with you on your kick-off call so that it is both visually appealing and high converting.

We handle 100% of back ups, updates, security, and performance concerns.

2. Fully Integrated Email Marketing and Contact Management System

Your Note Broker website comes integrated with a full featured email marketing automation and contact management database.

Because you need somewhere for those leads to go.

That means no longer will you loose track of contacts and prospects.

No longer will you wonder who your buyers, sellers, and investors are because each one will be in the list it’s supposed to be so that you can communicate with right people at the right time.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that in the note business your contact database is your most valuable asset.

Shouldn’t you start treating it that way?

With a seamless integration between your site and your contact management and email marketing system you won’t waste any time with the usual duct tape and tech headaches so many suffer from.

3. Done-For-You Landing Pages and “Drip” Email Follow-Up Campaigns

One of the things that really holds up websites and marketing campaigns is simply writing the damn copy.

So guess what?

We’ve wrote your content for you with a series of key conversion campaigns.

Here are just a few…

  1. IRA Note Investors: Teach mom and pop investors how to get started investing in notes with you over a 5-email educational drip sequence. This educational series will help you raise money by systematically educating independent investors on why they should invest in notes with their IRAs.
  2. Note Sellers: Educate your seller prospects with a 5 email follow up series that will teach them what to expect for a sales price, what impacts their note’s value, how to know if it’s time to sell and finally why they should sell their note to you.
  3. Non-Performing Notes Buyers: Non-performing notes are hot-topic that more and more investors want to learn how to get into. Be the authority and teach your buyer and investors prospects how to make money with NPNs.
  4. Institutional Note Sellers: Why should banks work with you? They’ll find out in this drip follow up sequence designed to build trust and drive interest from institutional sellers like banks and credit unions.
  5. And more on the way….

You’d pay a writer $1500-$2000 for just ONE of these campaigns.

All of the content on your website and in your RealtyMotor emails is 100% editable and customizable.

Use our campaigns just as they are or make them your own, its up to you.

Once You Have Our Technology in Place You Need Traffic

We are just putting the finishing touches on the RealtyMotor Traffic Academy (coming soon).

Order your new note broker website from us today and you’ll get to the Traffic Academy for just $99 per month free, as long as your account is in good standing.

There are three main ways to get traffic to your note buyer website:

1. SEO That’s why RealtyMotor websites are built on a rock solid SEO framework so your site is poised to rank and grow over time earning you visitors in perpetuity.

2. Paid Ads: When you’re spending money on ads you need high performing lead capture pages ensuring that you make the most of every dollar you spend on paid ads.

3. Social Media: Optimized for social media sharing Easily create and share content across all social media networks with just a few clicks.

In the Traffic Academy you’ll get step-by-step playbooks that can drive traffic and new leads to your business and your new notes website.

You’ll have a beautiful, responsive note business website setup and ready for all the traffic you can throw at it. Here are just a few of the professional homepage designs available.

Here’s a Recap of What You Get with RealtyMotor Note Broker Websites, Point by Point

  • Premium Note Business Website
    • 5 Core Pages for Your Note Broker Website
    • 4 Optimized Landing Pages to capture leads (and more coming)
    • Unlimited forms including:
      • Private seller note quote submission form
      • Investor registration form
      • Drip email lead capture forms
      • Website hosting, back-ups, maintenance, updates, and security – done.
    • Personalized on-boarding and design to make your note broker website feel like “home” [Available for a limited time, offer may be terminated at any time without notice.]
  • Email marketing and automation suite
    • Up to 500 contacts UNLIMITED*
    • 6 Done for you follow up sequences
    • Broadcast emails
    • Full funnel automation
  • Early access to the RealtyMotor Traffic Academy
    • Playbooks for real estate traffic including
      • Search optimization
      • Advertising
      • Social traffic
      • And more…
    • “Swipe files” for ads, content, social posting and more
    • (Coming Soon)

Will it Work For You?

This is For You If

You want to raise money
You’re doing any marketing
You’re doing any prospecting
You’re sending direct mail
You’re brokering notes
You want to build your email list
You’re promoting on social media
You need landing pages

This is Not For You If

You’re simply investing with other people
You’re not finding your own notes
You’re dabbling in notes

Book Your Kick-Off Call Today

Get started with us today. When you book your kick off call we’ll:

  1. Discuss your goals and learn exactly what you want out of your note business website
  2. Show you all the theme (template) options and help you choose the one that’s for you
  3. Schedule the “Go Live” for your site and system (typically 24-48 hours)

You’re Protected with Our Total Money-Back Guarantee

Make your deposit and book your no-pressure kick-off call today. We’ll meet with you one-on-one to discuss your goals for your website and leads. If you’re not 100% thrilled to get started we will refund your deposit on the spot.

Reserve your site with a $249 $99 deposit today.

This deposit serves as your first month’s payment and covers the complete setup of your site and marketing automations (should you choose to continue with us after your kickoff call). If you’re not thrilled to continue we’ll refund 100% of your payment on the spot.

Your Note Business Website + Automated Follow Up and Marketing System starts at just $249/month (or $2490/yr) $99/month (or $990/year) with a $499 FREE (for a limited time) Concierge Site Setup and Premium Support.


Optional Upgrades

Upgrades are completely optional and you can add them at any time. You will not decide today, only after you’ve got all the information you need to make a decision.

Custom Content

Concierge Content Service – INCLUDED FREE FOR 6 MONTHS

We’ll publish your content and send your emails for you.
With our Concierge Content Service you’ll never even have to look at the back end of your website. Our website admin experts will publish your content and send your emails for you.

$79 per month FREE for 6 Months

Migration Service

Have a website already and want to move to a superior platform?
If you have an existing website that’s lackluster, underperforming, or weak in the leads then we’ll migrate everything that’s good about it to your new website and leave the rest behind for $499 FREE for a limited time.

$299 One Time FREE for a Limited Time

Want it even more custom so it reflects your business and personality exactly?
Ask us about our Custom Content Concierge program where, in just 60-90 minutes of your time, we’ll create a complete custom content solution for you in your voice and all about your business including your 5 core pages and one drip follow up campaign.

Custom Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m not good with tech will this work for me?
    Absolutely. We didn’t build this for geeks, we built it for you. If you can work MS Word or Facebook you can use this. Plus, we offer Concierge Support Services, just ask.
  • Do I have to be a webmaster?
    No way José, we do all the techy tech.
  • Can I send cold emails?
    Sorry, our platform is for inbound marketing, if you need to do cold outreach to a list of cold prospects we’ll share a plan and some tools with you, inside the Traffic Academy (coming soon), to help you get folks off your cold list and into the warm list.
  • Do I own the website?
    You own your domain, any content you create, and the list of contacts that you build. You lease the the site and our content from us. It is not portable to another platform.
  • Are there any hidden fees or gotchas?
    Nobody wants to get a surprise bill and you’ll never receive one from us. We do offer additional services to help you succeed but there’s no pressure and everything listed on this page is already included. The truth is that your base package includes most of what anyone would ever need.
  • How many websites do I get?
    We used to offer more than one website at the base price but we found out that most people don’t need more than one and in fact multiple sites can be a real distraction and can water down one’s efforts. We strongly recommend you start with the one website and once you’ve made it a success add another.
  • What if I’m not happy for some reason?
    No problem. As you’ll find out on our kick-off call we’re real people. Inside the dashboard you’ll simply initiate a cancellation request through our help desk and then you won’t be billed again.
  • Is there a cancelation fee or contract?
    Nope. If you’re not happy you’ll be on your way with no strings attached.
  • How many leads will I get?
    This is entirely up to you! We provide the entire technology platform and all the support you need but you need to supply the traffic to your website. We’ll show you how inside the Traffic Academy.
  • Is this built on WordPress?
    No, we rolled our own highly optimized and custom content management system so that you n o longer have to worry about conflicting plugins and themes and security and all the other difficulties baked into WordPress.
  • Can I produce my own content?
    Yes, absolutely, as much as you like.
  • Does it include a blog?
    For sure, blog is included.
  • What kind of support do I get?
    We are fully staffed with website admin and developer professionals who will keep your site running all the time. We also have a manned help desk with a support beacon built right into your dashboard. Finally, you can optionally add our Concierge Content Service if you’re just “not good with computers” and our staff will publish any content or send any emails that you need. Just ask what’s included during your kick-off call.

* Base price includes your first 500 contacts. An unlimited number of contacts are available with incremental no price increases.

Note Broker Websites

Turnkey Note Broker Websites with built-in follow up automations help you get and convert note investor, note seller, and note buyer, and realtor leads to help you grow your note brokering and note investing business.

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