Here’s Your Chance to Get Ahead of 98.6% of Your Competition

Start Building Your Autopilot Real Estate Lead Machine Today. Stop Struggling to Find New Deals Day After Day and Finally Grow Your Business.

Online real estate leads expert Brecht Palombo reveals a step-by-step foolproof formula that you can use to get and convert real estate leads online starting today

Dear Real Estate Pro,

There’s absolutely nothing more important to your business than leads.

Leads are the lifeblood of every real estate, note, or lending business.

In fact I’d go so far as to say that consistent leads are the only way that you can DOUBLE or even triple your business this year.

On the other hand If you fail to generate enough leads you may as well QUIT.

You cannot win in this game if you don’t have enough leads.

Lead generation is the most difficult, most time consuming, AND most important activity there is for you in this business.

Leads are the one things that every single business MUST do, consistently, or die trying.

I’ve shared with you our findings from a recent study of hundreds of full time real estate, note, and lending professionals which revealed that almost none of them are doing lead generation online.

Why? Confusion, doubt, and fear.

Because thats what you get when you don’t have a proven plan to work from, a strategy, that just works…

Here are the facts:

  • 87% of Americans are online daily and the other 13% aren’t your prospects anyway (Pew)
  • 90% of real estate buyers use the internet first and foremost in their search (NAR)
  • 99% of people who make more than $75K (your investors) are online (Pew)

It’s time for you to tap into the high leverage power of a true online lead generation and conversion system so you can finally get ahead.

Start your autopilot lead machine today

Buy this paint by numbers, online, practically autopilot leads startup kit including

  • Autopilot Real Estate Leads Ebook – A 6 step manual and resource guide to generating real estate leads online
  • Real estate lead capture website template – designed with 100% lead capture best practices baked right in AND it works and looks great on any device.
  • Lead Strategizing Worksheets – So that you don’t have to wonder what to do next, you can just take action.
  • Follow up traffic series – That will show you powerful ways that you can feed your new real estate leads machine

Get all this for just $97 $9.

We’ll get back to the $9 in a moment.

I want to walk you step by step through exactly how I get and convert hundreds of leads online (while I do whatever I want) and what you need to do to accomplish the same.

There’s no hocus-pocus just a bullet proof proven strategy and step-by-step plan used by top online professionals, that you can make your own immediately.

You’ll learn the exact strategies used by top professionals in the industry but more than that you’ll see exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

With This Crazy $9 Offer You Get Everything You Need to Get Your First WIN Online. Here’s What You Get with the Autopilot Lead Machine Startup Kit

AutoPilot Lead Machine Manual – A 6 step manual that’s guaranteed to get you more leads online when you implement it or your money back.

Real Estate Lead Capture Page – A proven desktop, tablet, and smartphone optimized (responsive) landing page designed for maximum lead conversion

2 Lead Strategizing Worksheets – That will get your juices flowing immediately so that you can fill out your strategy and target your perfect prospects with laser beam accuracy

Real estate traffic crash course – After you setup your machine you need to feed it and that’s exactly what we’ll show you how to do over the next 30 days. You’ll get real, practical, easy to implement traffic strategies to drive your perfect prospects to your capture and conversion machine.

Right Now You Have Choice to Make

  1. You continue to thrash around at the bottom with the other 98.6% flailing forward.
  2. You take the bull by the horns, overcome inertia, and take action today.

What will be different about your business 6-12 months from now if you don’t do this?

What could be different about your business 6-12 months from now if you start generating, warming up, and even converting leads while you sleep?

Imagine… you wake up and over your coffee you see you’ve got several more leads overnight…

Next you check your email and an investor is asking you if you have room in your next fund for their money…

A seller has emailed you to ask for your opinion on the value of his assets… because she’s going to sell…

It’s not far fetched, its reality, and now is your opportunity to make it reality for you.

About That $9 Price Tag

I could easily sell this for $97… All. Day. Long.

So, please, allow me to explain.

You need to be generating leads online. Period.

I believe this strongly and I want to help you do it.

Let’s get you up to speed:

  • You’ll see in detail exactly what I do to generate hundreds of leads per month.
  • You’ll learn a 6-step plan that you can implement immediately.
  • You’ll get a resource guide that shows you exactly what you need for the job.
  • You’ll get a proven real estate lead capture website template.
  • You’ll get a month long accountability and follow up series to make sure you’re successful.

You need to be serious enough about your business that you can invest 9 measly bucks… otherwise there’s no possibility of you succeeding.

You may be a real do-it-yourselfer, and that is awesome. I used to be that way. It helped get me to where I am. In that case this Autopilot Real Estate Leads Startup Package will absolutely be enough for you to start seeing success.

But maybe you’re a bit further down the road and you’re past DIY.

Maybe you already understand the value of having experts execute for you and maybe you’re the kind of person who invests in his or her business when you see an obvious ROI.

Still Buy This $9 Autopilot Real Estate Leads Startup Kit

If you decide that you’re not the do-it-yourselfer and instead you’re the type who invests in your business then we have done-for-you services that will leave you completely hands free in the design, implementation and maintenance of your Lead Machine.

But before anything like that matters its important that you understand the methodology. So lets get on the same page.

Get yourself up to speed on the most impactful online lead gen and conversion strategy there is.

It will cost you $9 you can start implementing today and if you decide DIY isn’t for you we’ll show you how you can jump to the front of the line and have it all done for you.

You’re Protected with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t convinced that you can use the Autopilot Real Estate Leads Startup Kit to generate 10, 100, or even 1,000 times the $9 investment simply tell us so within 30 days and we will promptly refund the entire amount.

You can even keep the manual and worksheets for your trouble.

This is an extremely limited offer… for obvious reasons.

You’re getting this outrageous deal because we are launching this package now. DO NOT WAIT. We will be taking down this pricing very soon. This is what you call early adopter pricing and it will not last.

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