Send This Email TODAY Do an Extra Deal This Month

Caveat… if you haven’t received any email leads in the last 12 months this post won’t help you… or maybe it will… I want you to send an email that’s going to give you surprising returns but first… we need to talk. Is your inbox a cemetery for cold dead leads? Have you archived so … Read more

How to Know When to Quit Real Estate

Should you quit real estate? Maybe. Let’s start with this: Why are you in real estate? Do you have an answer? Is it just “more money”. If you’re just getting started I’m talking to you. Quit Real Estate if You Don’t Have a “Why” Here’s the thing… if you don’t have a BIG FAT WHY, I … Read more

How to Set and Achieve Your Real Estate Goals Year In and Year Out

Real estate transaction tracker

Use this 5-step goal setting system and free real estate transaction tracker to make this year your best ever. The following article (originally published at distressedpro.com) is designed to provide you with a framework and the tools to review your real estate or note business last year and plan for your business for the coming … Read more