How to Build an Online Autopilot Real Estate Lead Machine That Actually Works

You Can Have More Leads and More Profits with Less Effort. I’ll Show You How.

In the beginning of my real estate career I spent weeks… months… years if I’m being honest with myself… doing things the hard (and expensive) way.

  • I’d cold call entire city blocks…
  • I’d place costly ads in local and regional papers…
  • I’d mail thousands of pieces… pre-foreclosures, estates, multifamily, you-name-it
  • I’d knock on doors…

If you’ve spent time and money marketing or prospecting then you know how costly and time consuming old-style lead generation can be.

In fact prospecting took so much time and money that working deals and prospecting effectively seemed nearly impossible…

But if you’re in the real estate business and you don’t keep getting new leads one thing is for certain. You business will die..

Trying to succeed in this business without a leads system that works even when you aren’t working will guarantee you a vicious cycle of feast and famine

Furious prospecting… followed by working hard to close deals… followed by the panic that ensues as you realize that this is the last deal in your pipeline…

The cycle is torture for your psyche, your bank account and your family.

I know. I’ve been there… many times…. but no more… not since I learned and implemented the system that I’m going to teach you in this free course.

Recent study reveals why 98.6% of investors and how you can get into the 1%.

In a recent study we conducted we found that 98.6% of real estate professionals are completely missing the boat when it comes to online leads.

In fact..

  • 79.4% have no website at all, not even their own domain name
  • 11.8% have a domain name but they have a “Coming Soon” page or else it simply can’t be found
  • Only 5.9% have a functional website
  • Just 2.9% are actually using their website to collect leads
  • Only half of those are doing any email follow up at all…

And that is good news for you, because that’s how you get into the top 1%.

In this free course you’ll learn the system that finally laid the vicious boom and bust cycle to rest for me.

If you take this course AND you take action then you’ll implement the same system that now feeds me hundreds of new leads each month, automatically.

You’ll walk, step-by-step, through 9 short exercises over 3 weeks and if you conduct the exercise then at the end you will have a finished product. You own lead machine.

This fast-track course is built specifically for speed and ease of implementation without sacrificing efficacy whether you’ve been online for years or you’re just starting out.

Inside of 3 weeks you’ll have a system built to attract and convert the exact type of real estate prospect that you’re looking for.

The only requirement is that you know the types of leads that you need to grow your business.

You Can Take Back Control of Your Life and Your Revenue. I’ll Show You How. FREE.

Today I run a business that practically runs itself. I do ZERO prospecting. When I first started down the path of automated lead generation the tools available online were in their infancy.

As tools, and more importantly my skills, improved I built and implemented more systems and my business grew, but more importantly, it started growing without any more of my time.

You’re going to learn exactly what my systems are, how they work, and how you can use them in your business.

These are just a few of the things that my systems have made possible for me…

  • I once sold half a very exclusive private island, online, without ever having seen the island… or met the buyer… or the seller.
  • I’ve pre-sold multimillion dollar apartment complexes using nothing but email.
  • Today I have a database of hundreds of qualified investors representing billions of dollars in capital and investment appetite. 100% of them have reached out to ME, not the other way around.
  • Today one of my businesses generates multiple six figures while I travel.

Security, savings, growth, wealth…

More freedom in your time, income and mobility…

All of these things are achievable when you grow your business with the right systems.

Here’s What You Can Expect

One concise lesson delivered 3 days per week for 3 weeks with short, actionable lessons and 8-minute exercises

December 31, 2018

Lesson 1

Will online leads work in your business. We’ll do the math.

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Lesson 2

How to identify your dream leads

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Lesson 3

How to get your dream leads to raise their hands

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Lesson 4

How to convert leads while you sleep (for real)

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Lesson 5

How to easily create content that converts (hands free)

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Lesson 6

How to kick off your campaign with a bang

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Lesson 7

How to get continuous lead-flow with virtually no ongoing cost

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Lesson 8

How to drive more leads, automatically, this week

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Lesson 9

How to automate your follow up until they “buy or die” (or sell)

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

BONUS Lesson

How to Build Your Lead Machine + Resource List

December 31, 2018

The official course starts this Tuesday

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