A Complete Cash Buyer Leads System for Wholesalers

Wholesaling properties might be the fastest and least risky way to get started as a real estate investor.

But there’s a problem… as a wholesaler your whole job is to find end-buyers, real cash-buyers who can close quickly and confidently on the opportunities that you uncover. But the fact is that most people in your position are busy just trying to make ends meet while they’re getting their business started.

Are you?

I started my career as a wholesaler.

1-armed paper hangers... busy people...
1-armed paper hangers… busy people…

I know you can waste weeks or months finding and qualifying the real cash buyers. Now add to that the fact that you need to source deals for the few real buyers that you find + plus your job + and now you’re busier than a 1-arm paper hanger.

Until you have leads, real qualified leads, your dreams of taking down the big checks are just that and nothing more…

You need lead volume to get your wholesaling business started. You need a regular stream of cash buyers whose acquisition criteria you can leverage into contracts and closings.

Here’s the exact process I used to sell millions in real estate as a wholesaler.

Ready? It’s really complicated.

  1. Build a list of developers, investors, and cash buyer
  2. Communicate with them and disqualify more than a few
  3. Find out exactly what they wanted to buy
  4. Send expertly written direct response mail, yes letters, snail mail, to a targeted list of property owners
  5. Meet the seller and get a contracts
  6. Shop the deal to my list of buyers
  7. Sign a contract
  8. Close

It aint rocket science.

But it can be a TON of work… unless you have systems.

And once you have systems it’s easy. No more are you scrambling, struggling and having your friends and family ask you how you’re little business is and then you have to answer “Oh I’m really just getting started I haven’t done a deal yet”

No, instead you’re working a system. Qualifying buyers. Contacting sellers. Making money.

The tragedy of the real estate business is that most people who think they’re in it are not. Yes there are millions of property owners who are doing great but for every one I talk to who has a real business going I talk to 10 or 15 who are dreamers. Dreamers who buy courses, attend events, talk about real estate… and then… nada.

If you’re looking for a hobby I suggest knitting. Because it’s safe and inexpensive and the worse thing that can happen to you is you might poke yourself now an again.  If you’re looking for a hobby do that or ride bikes but for goodness sake stop fartin around in the real estate business you look silly.

Now if you’re serious about starting a business do keep reading.

You need systems, you need to invest in yourself, and you need to invest in your business.

I know hundreds of real estate investors, brokers, developers who make a ton of money. You know how they got there?

They took risks, they invested in themselves, and they invested in their businesses. Not just money but time.

If you think that you’re going to be successful without putting something on the line my friend I’m very sorry to be here to burst your bubble.

Here’s what you must do to start taking down 5-figure (NET to you…) deals.

  1. You MUST commit. If you have one foot in and one foot out brother I’m here to tell you that you’re nowhere.
  2. You MUST take action. Nothing happens until you have a lead. I’ll repeat that absolutely nothign happens until you have a lead. In order to get leads you need to take action.
  3. You MUST invest. Nobody ever got anywhere good without putting it out there and taking a little risk. It’s NEVER happened except through inheritance so if you’re waiting for Uncle Warbucks to die good for  you, for the rest of us we’re going to have to take a risk.

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