About RealtyMotor

We created RealtyMotor to help you take control of your real estate business.

We know what it’s like to go from feast to famine in the real estate business.

We’ve had the mid-5-figure paydays only to be followed by months of prospecting work amounting to nothing.

We know how hard it is to keep your deals moving forward and keep your pipeline full when the true business of real estate happens out there in the field, not behind a screen.

If you want to end the feast and famine and finally grow your business to its true potential you need leads, and lots of them.

But its not just leads you need, you need to follow up and you need to convert, because that is where the game is actually won or lost.

We created RealtyMotor to automate your lead capture, conversion and follow up so you can get back to the where the real estate business actually happens.

Leadership Team

Scott Yewell

Scott Yewell

Co-Founder COO

Scott has a BS, ME and MBA from Cornell University. He’s led technology and product teams at startups and well known brands like Oracle, Bose, and LoJack